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F.J. Linehan & Associates, Inc.
Consulting Engineers
Job Title:

Epitaxial Growth Laboratory
MIT, Microsystems Technology Laboratories
Republic Building Contractors
Building 39, 5th Floor


Provide new epitaxial growth laboratory featuring a state-of-the-art applied materials Epi-Centura system for research into advanced silicon-based materials and devices.


Specialized equipment required intensive MEP support requirements including clean room environment, extraordinary electrical demand and extremely high cooling requirement.  Use of toxic gases and chemicals necessitated careful attention to safe material handling and use of compatible materials and safeguards to ensure protection of researchers. 


Designed state of the art laboratory with equipment within $2.5M budget including Class 100 and Class 1000 clean room facilities with anteroom chamber, acid benches, gas cabinets, laminar flow benches and a gas treatment burn box.  Employed a variety of specialized exhaust duct materials including heat-fused fiberglass reinforced plastic, and Teflon-coated 316 stainless steel to meet thermal and chemical compatibility requirements.  Provided direct equipment water cooling via water-to-water heat exchanger with integrated safety power and control systems to support extraordinary electrical demand imposed by experiment system.  Other improvements included specialized laboratory plumbing utilities, including argon-welded high purity stainless steel tubing.






F.J. Linehan & Associates
Consulting Engineers
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