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F.J. Linehan & Associates, Inc.
Consulting Engineers
Job Title:

2nd Floor Renovation
MIT, Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Perry & Radford Architects
Martini Construction
Building 66, 2nd Floor

Assignment: Renovate second floor of MIT Chemical Engineering headquarters with new offices, conference facilities and graduate student lounge for MIT Chemical Engineering graduate students.

Update deficient systems serving the 2nd floor of the building, including: HVAC systems, fire alarm, power distribution and lighting for diverse needs of high density graduate student occupancy—offices, conference facilities, student carrels, and lounge facilities.


Designed new HVAC system including ventilation, air conditioning, and upgraded perimeter induction units. Provided new electrical systems for computer workstations with transient voltage surge suppression, high-efficient lighting systems utilizing parabolic, direct/indirect and task level lighting with automated occupancy control and 4-levels of occupant lighting control, new photo-cell controlled motorized perimeter blind system and ADA compliant fire alarm system.






F.J. Linehan & Associates, Inc.
Consulting Engineers
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