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F.J. Linehan & Associates, Inc.
Consulting Engineers
Job Title:

Building Ventilation System Upgrade
MIT, Department of Facilities
Ganister Fields Architects
Shawmut Construction
MIT Building E40


Address chronic complaints of deficient indoor air quality. 


Provide cost-effective and energy efficient upgrade of existing building HVAC systems while keeping the existing system functional and intact throughout upgrade so as not to impact building occupants.


Engineered upgrade in two phases: Conducted study to evaluate indoor air quality complaints and provide recommendations for corrective action.  Developed plans to install new 12,000 CFM rooftop energy recovery ventilator injecting tempered outside air into existing air conditioning system using DDC control and economizer operation to minimize operational costs of increased ventilation.  Remediation avoided any impact on usable floor space of building and enabled system upgrade without impacting building occupancy.







F.J. Linehan & Associates
Consulting Engineers
197 Quincy Avenue
Braintree, MA  02184

P: 781.848.8480