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F.J. Linehan & Associates, Inc.
Consulting Engineers
Job Title:

Gilliland Lecture Hall & Reception Area
MIT, Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Perry & Radford Architects
Elaine Construction
Building 66, Room 110


Provide state-of-the-art lecture hall learning facility incorporating multi-format audio-visual presentation capabilities.


Diverse nature of planned use required space accommodate a variety of presentation formats and occupancies without creating over-sophisticated systems.


Provided new lighting system incorporating Lutron Graphic Eye multi-scene lighting system with simplified operator scene select; variety of lighting systems incorporated occupancy controls for automated control; HVAC system providing 100% economizer capability with demand-based ventilation utilizing CO2 sensing to prevent waste of energy due to over-ventilation during unoccupied and low occupancy periods while providing remote set back capabilities.  Other system upgrades included all new network distribution, ADA compliant fire alarm with integrated emergency system lighting over-ride.






F.J. Linehan & Associates, Inc.
Consulting Engineers
1629 Central Street, Suite 5, Stoughton, MA 02072-1693
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