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F.J. Linehan & Associates, Inc.
Consulting Engineers
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MIT Residence Hall Telecommunications Upgrade
MIT, IT Department
Global Network Technologies, McDonald Electrical Corp, Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies
Bexley Hall, Burton House, New House, Next House, Goodale Hall, Bemis Hall, Walcroft Hall, Wood Hall, Monroe Hall


Create new telecommunications support facilities throughout residence halls strategically-located to maximize system performance and adaptability while minimizing installation costs and impact on usable floor space.


Provide discrete pathways that minimized use of floor space and impact on building aesthetics.


Provided telecommunications hubs and pathways utilizing multiple types of cable management systems (cable tray, wireway, J-hooks, etc.) within constraints of existing buildings to meet cable routing requirements.  Provided each hub with independent power distribution system along with stand-alone HVAC, emergency power, and fire detection/suppression systems.  Provided fiber optic pathways through buildings for primary service to telecommunication rooms and secondary vertical and horizontal network distribution to each room without impacting building occupancy or usable floor space.







F.J. Linehan & Associates, Inc.
Consulting Engineers
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