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Areas of design specialization include: 

  • Administrative/Mixed Use Facilities – We have extensive experience in the design of  offices, conference facilities and general administrative facilities.  Time and again, it has shown that short sighted design results in dissatisfaction.   We design facilities with emphasis on budget constraints, comfort, efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness.  We work with owners and occupants to determine appropriate levels of building control and automation. We know that one size doesn’t fit all and our custom design strategies reflect this belief. 

  • Computer/Telecommunication Facilities – Our capabilities in the design of building infrastructure for computer/data facilities range from localized server facilities to building-wide telecommunications facilities with high density blade servers. Not only does a data facility or server center represent a significant financial investment, it is often the lifeblood of an organization.  In an ideal world, every server room would have full systems redundancy, multiple stages of fire protection, and floor space aplenty.  We recognize that most facilities do not fit this ideal.  We work with you to perform a risk assessment and determine the optimal combination of safeguards, redundancies, and future growth options that meet your budget constraints and physical space availabilities. 

  • Educational  Facilities – Our experience in classroom/lecture hall design—ranging from indoor air quality proper lighting design, distance learning capabilities,  audio-visual support, and  life-safety considerations to name a few— has shown time and time again  that a short-sighted design results in a facility that is obsolete before it is even constructed.  We can help you develop a facility that incorporates the long term environmental and technological needs for a modern classroom.

  • Indoor air quality/Remedial Engineering – We offer expert diagnostic and remedial engineering services to identify and remedy building deficiencies, including indoor air quality issues.  Indoor air quality issues can be prevalent in both new and old buildings.  Sometimes problems are due to inoperable components, maintenance, or design of ventilation systems.  Other times it is due to the changing use of a building originally designed for a different application.  A case of Building Related Illness or assumptions of Sick Building Syndrome can have tremendous cost implications for an organization that depends on the productivity of its employees.  Studies have shown that occupants who are not comfortable in their work environment are less productive and produce lower quality results.   Facilities directors are met with the challenge of meeting these requirements while also trying to keep the utility bills under control.   Many of our clients are happily surprised when they discover that required upgrades often pay for themselves within a few years in the form of energy conservation, decreased maintenance/repair costs, and reduced loss of use savings.  Often times buildings can take on major infrastructure upgrades while remaining occupied and fully functional.

  • Lab Facilities - Our experience in lab design ranges from basic chemistry facilities and multipurpose labs to highly sophisticated labs including clean rooms, infectious disease isolation rooms, biological testing lab, NMR facilities, etc.  

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